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Desire / Training / Passion

We take great pride in our programming and has something for everyone. Many parents come for Professional NinjaKour Training while their children take on the Kids Ninja obstacles with the help of our Professional Ninja Coaches. For our members who have limitations I am a Chiropractor and Rehabilitation Doctor with over 20 years of experience. I can adapt and modify movements to reach your goals and avoid injury!

NinjaKour Mission Statement:

Encouraging youth, adolescent, collegiate and professional athletic activity and developing the skill related to all things that are ninja obstacle specific for example:  NinjaKour encompasses Ninja specific obstacles that require skills in rock climbing, gymnastics, free running and martial arts tricking performed in varying sequences in a timed environment on a ninja obstacle course. This can be performed individually and also in teams.

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The Xtreme Obstacle League


The Xtreme Obstacle League is a 5 member team based NinjaKour™ Sport. Competitive age groups are 7-9, 10-12 & 13-15. For more information and to register your child for a team or team event contact 678-671-3539


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