Gordon White

NinjaKour Coach

Gordon White took a dream and turned it into reality in 2015 when he decided to walk on to American Ninja Warrior. After standing in line for over a week, Gordon was the last walk on to be given an opportunity to run the course for the regional qualifiers in Orlando, Florida, and he made it count. After completing stage one with what seemed like incredible ease, Gordon went from the walk on line to the Vegas Finals over the course of only a few months. As part of the NinjaKour Krew, Gordon proves regularly that his given name, Tetsu (which means “iron”), is a perfect representation of his mindset. Gordon’s iron will has led him to place in numerous competitions throughout the National Ninja League, including making it to National Ninja League Finals in the spring of 2016. His experience in competing on Ninja obstacle courses both on and off the show has given him an incredible understanding of how to approach a new obstacle both physically and mentally.

Grip Strength