Patrick Chu

NinjaKour Coach

Patrick Chu, known to his massive internet following as “Ramenfood”, is an avid Martial Arts-Tricker with over 12 years of training and experience in his field. His passion and dedication to his art brought him to the Red Bull Throwdown competition in 2014, one of the largest extreme sports competitions in the world. Pat Chu is internationally regarded as one of the worlds’ most elite athletes in Martial Arts-Tricking, but he didn’t stop there. Pat Chu began his adventure in NinjaKour in 2015 and instantly earned respect throughout the Ninja community. He was immediately chosen to compete on American Ninja Warrior season 8. Pat Chu’s experience with Martial Arts-Tricking gave him a significant advantage as he began his NinjaKour adventure, as well as a unique and effective approach to understanding and teaching the sport of Ninja.

Grip Strength