Robert Pruni


Dr. Pruni, known as “Doc Ninja” throughout the Ninja Community, is at the forefront in creating a Ninja Sport that goes beyond the show. Working with his NinjaKour team as well as other Ninja gyms throughout the United States, Dr. Pruni is a leader in establishing a sport, a culture, and a lifestyle that is “NinjaKour” for athletes nationwide. He is a Doctor of Chiropractic and the creator of the Flex Building Lifestyle. After becoming interested in Obstacle Course Races, Dr. Pruni competed on season 5 of American Ninja Warrior in the Southeast Regional Qualifiers. After this Doc Ninja decided to open Crossfit Lilburn 678 and NinjaKour to train for his later appearance on seasons 6 and 8 of American Ninja Warrior. Dr. Pruni now works with his NinjaKour team to write the NinjaKouriculum and bring the sport of Ninja to a new level throughout the nation.

Grip Strength