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Professional Ninja Course

Goal: American Ninja Warrior

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American Ninja Warrior - Season 5 thru Season 8 & Official Member of NNL

Professional 13,000 Square Feet Ninja Course

We are the Largest Indoor Ninja Training Facility in the Southeast of the Continental USA

Pro Training Course

NinjaKour Training is about conquering your FEAR (False Expectation Appearing Real). To grow, to improve, to conquer your FEAR – you must do the NinjaKour Training to get to the condition that can get you to the top of Mount Midoriyama. All we ask is for your time and your dedication to learn from us and get you strong, conditioned and focused in being the best in the Ninja Sport.


The guy in the video is Felix Chu who was on American Ninja Warrior and one of the first guys to test out our course back in 2013 when our course was just being built. See more videos below – to see what it looks like today!

Pro Training Course

We want to have a complete understanding of your goals – if it is to just have fun and get into great shape or if it is to get on the American Ninja Warrior National TV show – we can help make it a reality. We have programs that fit all desires that you may want to achieve and in the time-frame you want to accomplish them. Visit our training facility, meet our NinjaKour Trainers and make your decision only after your FREE Class – call to schedule today!

In this video you can see our 13,000 Square foot Training Facility from the outside with plenty of parking, to the inside and it’s amazing, spectacular Ninja Training Course – plus, a FULL Crossfit Training Facility with Certified Crossfit Coaches.

Learn NinjaKour – We Have the Experience!
Let us help you get on the American Ninja Warrior Show

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Our Ninja Training Facility is Ready for You to Join and Become the Best

Pro Ninja Schedule

Our NinjaKour Facility and our NinjaKour Staff want you to make your goals a reality, so if you need more hours, different hours or even days that are not available (Sundays & Holidays) – if you have a group of 5 or more that need our NinjaKour Facility on these special days – we will move mountains to accommodate your needs.

Our Schedule

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*Schedule may change based on demand.

**Day Classes available based on demand.

Pro Ninja Pricing

Our 13,000 Square Foot Ninja Training Facility is Ready for You with Experienced American Ninja Warrior Trainers

Pro Ninja Pricing

We have 2 options for you, the first is a Membership w/ a Contract and the other are Sessions with No Contract. All Require NinjaKour Liability Release Form to be filled out, please print and bring to our facility.

Our Pricing

1 Class per WeekCost per month$80

  • 1 Class per wk w/ Trainer
  • 1 Open Gym no Trainer

2 Class per WeekCost per month$120

  • 2 Class per wk w/ Trainer
  • 1 Open Gym no Trainer

1 Open Gym per WeekCost per month$40

  • 1 Open Gym per wk no Trainer
  • 4 per Month no Trainer

Drop-InCost per Visit$25

  • After O & E
  • No Contract Required
  • Open Gym no Trainer
  • 1 Day until Closing

Private LessonsCost per Session$50

  • Required O&E
  • No Contract required
  • 30 minutes w/ Trainer

3 Private LessonsCost per Session$140

  • Required O&E
  • No Contract required
  • 3 + 30 minutes w/ Trainer

1 Hr Private LessonCost per Hour$85

  • Required O&E
  • No Contract required
  • 1 hour w/ Trainer

Group ClassesCost per Session$--

  • 6-10 people $45/person
  • 11-15 people $40/person
  • 16-20 people $35/person
  • 21+ people $25/person