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Robert Pruni – President and Founder

As the owner of the original NinjaKour in Lilburn GA, I am excited to welcome the opportunity for you to join the NinjaKour family. We have been working hard on developing and solidifying a business model that has allowed us to share this amazing sport with up and coming Ninjas, kids, and families throughout GA and now nationwide.

Now we want to share our system with franchisees, and help them deliver the same consistent quality that NinjaKour customers have come to expect from us here in GA. Our training program will guide you through our processes and every phase of the business, providing the necessary skills for the success of your very own franchise. We aim to provide support and services to our franchisees with the highest level of honesty, integrity, and professionalism.

At NinjaKour we take the partnership we form with our franchisees very seriously; it is the foundation of our success. From client acquisition, gym management and maintenance, to executing the highest quality classes and programing, our support will guide franchisees through every step of the process. Comprehensive training and ongoing support will keep franchisees and their staff knowledgeable and competitive at startup and beyond.
NinjaKour is positioned to take the sport of Ninja, now in the early phases of widespread recognition, and solidify it as America’s next great sporting challenge.

We encourage that you join along for the ride. As a leading Ninja training facility in the South East, NinjaKour has achieved recognition and respect sending Ninjas year after year to compete at the national level, while building and expanding market share here at home. Our potential is limited only by the creativity of our management and the vision of our owners. Our future in this “growth” industry is flourishing, and we welcome you as we take NinjaKour to new heights.

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