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2022 Member Dues: $190.00- $250.00/Season.   NEXT SEASON STARTS OCT '22

(Multi-Child Discounts Available) 

New Registrants:
Be sure to select your local gym on the registration form. Registration dues are $190.00 - $250.00 per team member per season of which there will be a Fall and Spring season in 2021.


An XOL uniform shirt will be included and is the competitors to keep. Be sure to take care of your uniform. You will receive one shirt for the Fall and Spring seasons and remain on the same team if age applicable.


The remainder of the uniform is either shorts or parkour style pants which are not loose and will not get caught on the obstacles. An appropriate shoe which is light and able to grip the obstacles is the responsibility of the team member. Some options are Ollo’s, NB Fresh Foam Zante’s and surprisingly regular “tennis” shoes are not a bad option. A soft flat surface is best.


The XOL will provide an example of the uniform shirt. It is the affiliate gym’s responsibility to create the shirt with the team names. Shirts should be made based upon the number of sign ups in each division.


For example if there are 20 XOL Ninja Kids signed up for the 9 – 12 year old age division. It would be recommended to reduce the team from five members to three and create four teams of 3 and two teams of 4.  A six team league will allow for an entire 6 week season. Each team would compete against each other 2x.  In this case only six different team shirts would need to be made. In order to save on shirt costs the coach would give the Ninja Gym owner the sizes and a total of twenty shirts would be made.


Team Name: 

Team names are as follows: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Hare, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Boar. Japanese sport and hence the 12 signs of the Japanese or Chinese zodiac. In this particular case the gym may choose any of the six names. Gyms may also seek sponsorship to cover shirt costs.

An example of what a shirt would look like:  XOL logo will go on the left chest. Sponsor highest across the back, 2nd line Team name, 3rd XOL logo. Gym name on the sleeve.

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